A healing session involves identifying energetic blockages that create disturbances in many areas of one's life.

For instance:

Physical: organs not functioning optimally, fatigue, weakened immune system, poor digestive activity, etc.
Emotional: unresolved traumas, fears, uncertainty and lack of confidence, etc.
Mental: continuous stream of thoughts, negative thinking, limited or lack of ability to connect with emotions and feelings.
Spiritual: not feeling your sense of purpose in life, questions of your existence and where your life is going, etc.

Through her subtle way of working, Els guides your body, mind and soul into balance. She helps you find answers to your life's questions. By identifying and clearing energetic blockages, you will gain great clarity and insights of unexplained symptoms you've been carrying. You can observe as the foundation of your entire system moves back into balance, from which the above are working and healing. It is i