Els Basten's independent practice focuses on the areas of individual coaching, therapy, healing and training. Central to her mission is personal and holistic wellbeing. Els specializes in the detection and elimination of barriers that hinder the desired progress in one's personal development. Healing accompanies development, and development opens the door to healing.

With great commitment, passion and experience Els offers professional assistance to all who seek wholeness in their health and feel a desire to live from love and strength.

Underlying or unconscious blockages often obscure the true identity of a person. By employing practical methods and techniques, personalized treatment are designed based on each individual's needs. focusing on self-discovery, insight and development. With full commitment, Els works closely alongside you to achieve your goals.

Els customizes treatment plans to support the individuals in their process of accepting and letting go of disease and unwanted habits with the use of a variety of tools and techniques. She offers unique assistance to people dealing with ailments or other restrictions that stand in the way of their desired wellness. With great care, Els can guide individuals seeking freedom from addiction.


'Courage is taking the first step, even if you don't see the whole way'.
Martin Luther King Jr.