Others about Els


Gary Quinn  -  Writer, Life Coach, TV Coach
"Els Basten's work is amazing!
She is spot on target with her intuition and insights."




yashioYashio Mochizuki  -  Assistant Manager Goi Peace Foundation
Els is a very kind, thoughtful and nice practitioner whom you can trust entirely. She is sincere, honest and devoted
for healing people. I suggest you to receive her treatment and co-work to heal yourself. It would be quite an experience."

erinnorleenErin Norleen
Els has been an incredible co-pilot; supporting, encouraging and guiding me to seek self-love and to understand and
embrace all sides of myself. The impact she has made on my life is so profound
- when I reflect on where I was at just before I met her, I can hardly believe I am that same person!



izabellaraphaelIzabella Garczarek and Rafael
I came to Els in a period in my life where everything was upside down.
Thanks to her gentle guidance and her pure energy from the heart, I have regained the belief that life is beautiful. 


marielleMariëlle Brands
"The last few years I want more than 'just' cuddle animals and take care of them. After I saw Els Basten on National
Television, I was immediately fascinated by her and felt a certain feeling of recognition. My first meeting with her
gave me the feeling: yes this is the person who can support me in this process! Els is a special, loving and pure person. Els
sees and feels exactly what is going on inside of me, where blockages are located and what to work on." 



lobkedinoLobke Elsen
"Since I was 24 years old I suffer from hip wear. Nobody knew where it came from. In 2012 I told my husband I have
been sexually abused when I was a little girl (10 years old). When I saw Els for the first time, I immediately had a
familiar feeling. After e few sessions the result is that I positively changed, I am feeling calmer and I am able to stand up
for myself. I also have much less pain in my hip!"