Els Basten

elsFrom a deep-seated ambition to help people back on track, Els has established her practice. It has always been her dream to help people find a way to come closer to themselves again. To be able doing this in a professional way, she went through a deep development herself. She has overcome her own illness by keeping the connection with people, by studying the disease and by utilizing all the possibilities to accept her situation and grow from there. She described this process in a book which is particularly well joined the perception of many people. This made her so excited that she continued studying to test her experiences to theoretical ideas. This is the foundation of her practice. Els' view is that every illness and disease can be brought back to a point from which it originates. Her belief is that everything is connected together; body, mind and soul. Her strength is her objectivity and common sense combined with her highly developed skills in the spiritual world. Els has developed her own method so that during a session she can make the optimal combination between practical coaching and working on an energetic level.

"When you come closer to yourself again, you will feel you are able to so much more than you have ever imagined!"

Els also works with animals. 

"It has always been my wish to work with animals. Every animal lover knows how special animals are. I translate to the humans how animals experience their world, how they feel physically and what their wishes are. This helps people to understand their animal better, which will strengthen their bond and make them both happier."

Els developed a very down to earth but profound method to connect with animals in a pure and lovable way.

As a professional coach, therapist and healer, Els gives private consultations, workshops, and sessions by email, telephone and Skype.

'Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible and suddenly you're doing the impossible!' - Franciscus van Assisi