Through a pure and profound connection with the animal and his or her spirit guides, Els scans the body, feels and sees the energy and communicates with the animal. Her focus is mostly on treating the animal, balancing the body and mind and strengthening the bond between human and animal. She works with subtle and high energies and with frequencies  that will activate the self-healing ability of the animal.

ElsBastenEls works on the body, emotions, behavior of each animal and helps to strengthen the relationship between human and animal. Animals mirror a great deal of their owners and by becoming more aware of what the animal can reflect to us, we become more aware of our life journey and the gifts we offer ourselves and to the world.

A session with Els provides you with many insights, information and advice and helps the animal release tension and return to a balanced state of mind/being. In the case of a behavior problem, she can help the animal release stress and traumas and help you uncover the cause of the (sometimes) deeply rooted problem.

Els also provides guidance and support when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved friend.
The peace it gives to human and animal, is a heartwarming comfort at one of the most difficult moments in our lives...

Receive successful results with problem areas such as:

- the heart
- the stomach
- the intestines
- the back and spine
- the digestive system
- the joints
- the lungs
- the skin
- the kidneys
- lack of energy
- lack of appetite
- inexplicable symptoms

Els provides clarity and support in the following situations:

- difficulty walking on a leash
- restlessness or vomiting in vehicles
- relocation of the animal
- aggression towards people or other animals
- difficulty socializing
- explaining about the relationship between humans and animals

In cases of a behavior problem we work together with an experienced behavioural therapist.